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Following the Covid 19 Pandemic, the way we work is changing. Employees are having to navigate their lives differently and it is hugely affecting staff health and wellbeing. This is particularly the case for working parents which make up a large number of the workforce; the University of Oxford identified that levels of stress, anxiety and depression in working parents, in particular, have increased.

Your business can play a vital role in addressing this.

Forbes did an extensive survey which revealed that 87% of employees wanted their employer to help and support them in attending to the non-work areas of their life. And of course, staff who feel cared for, inevitably care for their work. If you can support your staff's wellbeing, then you will be rewarded with loyalty, greater aptitude and productivity. You may, also, have an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) policy and these resources provide a valuable contribution to meeting those social commitments.

You need The Conversation Stamford. We are a not for profit organisation who have been running workshops for children and young people in schools and colleges for the past eight years. In addition we are supporting parents to manage and improve family wellness. Our work focuses on Healthy Relationships, Self-esteem and Identity, Social Media and Mental Health and Wellbeing.

We are offering a digital package of parent support videos on four key topics that can support your employees in managing their lives. Our vision is that your business becomes a key cog in the holistic wellbeing of your staff and community. Watch this video to find out why your business should join our parent programme.

We can be part of your solution

I'm sure you would like to find out more, there are two ways you can do this:

1. Watch a preview of the resources we are offering

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2. Talk to us about what we can offer your business via e-mail, telephone or via social media, we would love to send you further details.


  • "... All relevant content was covered. Materials were relevant to children's age, they made the information clear and it supported concepts taught. Good range of materials and activities to keep them motivated and on task. Excellent presentation and good rapport between presenters and children. Went into appropriate detail - children were keen to engage in the next session."

    Staff member

  • "...Very informative presentation, with lots of hands-on activities and discussions. The leaders were very approachable and reinforced a safe learning environment. The material encouraged questioning and the use of correct terminology."

    Staff member

  • "...We really value what “The Conversation” brings to the PSHE programme. It means the SRE education is standardized, appropriate, neutral, informed, modern and so nicely delivered. Thank you most sincerely."

    Staff member

  • "...I learned that I am unique and valuable and no-one else can make me do things I don't want to do"


  • " the end of the session I felt better about myself. The content was inspiring"


  • "...showing how things work, in a way that I can easily understand"


  • "...before the session I was scared about all this, I learnt a lot and now I’m not scared anymore"


  • "...The children acted maturely, sensitively and with great interest, which was a reflection of the way that the presenters dealt with the subject matter. I know that the Year 6 staff were very pleased and impressed with both mornings and I would highly recommend them to any school covering this aspect of the curriculum..."

    Staff member

From Businesses

“At BGL Insurance, we are proud of our comprehensive Wellbeing Programme for our 1700 colleagues and are always keen to explore new opportunities to expand our offering even further. Supporting our colleagues to look after their mental health and emotional wellbeing are important areas for us and we believe the services The Conversation can provide will add an important new element around parenting strategies and healthy relationships. Gemma and Sarah were both really engaging and we are looking forward to working with them on some exciting new initiatives.”